Solving The Instagram Loop Blues

The Instagram Blues. A Solution.

Looking for the Instagram Loop Blues Solution? Read on……

As the world found out just a few days ago, Instagram has implemented a new anti-spam bot system on the platform to drastically cut down on the amount of bots spamming the hell out of their platform. However there are still workarounds even though AI (artificial intelligence) has been releases by Instagram administrators.

We have talked with the creators of Mass Planner who have said they have released an update for their platform users that addresses this issue. The creators of the Follow Liker bot have not made any recent updates to their software that we are aware of. We are still waiting to hear back from several other bot makers yet.

What Instagram specifically started targeting was the api portion of their platform, which is what is used in nearly all bot software. It is easy for Instagram AI to quickly see who is running a spam account with botting actions as compared to who are real users using the web portion of the platform.

The new protectionism measures are primarily against known botted accounts (accounts solely running on the api part). The workaround to this is creating new accounts that have no history and starting fresh again as your old accounts are already caught, which is why the login looping problem has surfaced.

Severely cutting down on automated actions per day will keep your accounts healthy for much longer. Trying to get thousands or even high hundreds of likes or followers per day is not the normal account activity a regular user would perform, so the AI released by Instagram can easily see which accounts are being run by bots and bot software. Common sense plays a large part here and by cutting down on mass actions per day will improve your accounts lifespan.

The Instagram Loop Blues Solution will not be solved by simply switching data center proxies out for residential ones. Its the fact that your account are already tagged as botted accounts. So the only true solution to the issue is stocking up on new accounts that were originally created with residential ip addresses and sticking to those ip addresses for the lifetime of the accounts. The moment you start switching isp’s and ip ranges is another fact that Instagram AI looks at as well. So make sure you treat new accounts as you would anything else precious to you because if you don’t take care of them, don’t expect them to last.

If you need Instagram accounts, residential proxies, or advice, you are free to give us a holler on Skype: iaps_support (IAPS Administrative Support) and we’ll help you out as best as possible.



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